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Online Live Training

Online Live:

Online LIVE learning is live, expert instruction delivered over the web. Hands-on labs allow students to practice new skills on real equipment accessed over the internet while benefiting from one-on-one instructor interaction and peer-to-peer interaction.

Virtually the only way to learn:

The AMI APEX Online LIVE® platform effectively delivers our unrivaled classroom experience directly to your home or office over the Internet. Online LIVE® provides a rich, engaging virtual classroom environment that allows you to easy interact with your instructors and fellow students. Just like in our physical classrooms, you can both SEE and HEAR your instructor live as they teach your course and get clarification on your questions immediately via voice or text.

Through Online LIVE, we provide you a complete set of industry recognized training with authorized courseware on technologies from MILE 2, Microsoft, Cisco, and many others to name just a few. Online LIVE courses are taught by the same experienced, top-tier instructors found in local AMI APEX Training Centers. Our extensive course schedule makes it easy to find a class that is convenient to your schedule. For courses with a “hands-on” component, the Online LIVE environment also includes an unparalleled lab experience. New Horizon’s Labs on Demand provide on-line access to the underlying client and server technologies covered in your course. This allows you to test, apply and hone your new skills on real equipment accessed over the Internet. Labs can even be accessed before and after class hours giving you plenty of time to reinforce your new newly acquired knowledge and gain experience working with the technology.

With Online LIVE, we provide you an effective and proven on-line learning option with an extensive learning catalog and the freedom to attend from virtually anywhere.

Value-Add Features for Students

In addition to the quality courses of Online ANYTIME, additional features are available to make this self-paced delivery method a solid choice for your learning needs.


Most learning teaches you theory. Only vLabs give you real hands-on practice with access to LIVE equipment. And, when it comes to preparing to solve on-the-job business problems using different information technologies, there's no substitute for hands-on experience with real equipment.