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Become an Authorized Training Center

As an Mile2 ATD we offer Authorized Training Centers(ATC's) program in Pakistan. Organizations that officially team up with mile2 to offer our titles and courses to students in various locations around the world. mile2 is constantly seeking new partners globally and offers an exclusive contract for your geographical area with the following requirements:

Strong players in their respective markets Talented sales force Impressive schedule with multi-vendor course offerings Quality facility with current model PCs

Your ATC Package Includes:

Marketing Material:

Security training ROI: Justifies IT security training expenses and training.

Mile2 course titles and offerings. CPT testimonials: Penetration testing testimonies from mile2 customers. Mile2 course road map: This JPEG displays the natural progression of each course from an IT Security foundational level to an Expert level. Instructor case study CEH vs CPTE: This case study details the pains and issues of the CEH material and how the solutions were found in the mile2 course material and labs. Case Study US Military: These documents detail satisfied instructors and clients who had an issue and mile2 was able to provide a detailed solution. In this case, mile2 was able to help out the US Military.


Certified Pen Testing vs. Ethical Hacking and other articles. CPTEngineer Definition: Explains what the certification means. reen Hat Information Assurance and Watch this space. Information Assurance: Another article based on Professional services.

Brochures & Posters:

Mile2 poster 2009: This poster has a size of 23x35 and can be placed on the wall of your organization or training center. Mile2 brochure: This is a 5-6 page brochure entailing 1.) Mile2 course outlines & products 2.) Industry incomes in the IT Security sector 3.) Exam information and 4) the value of mile2 training. Product brochure 8x11: One page brochure entailing mile2 products. Training Partners can put their contact info on this document and send to your clients. Mile2 Professional Services Brochure: This brochure shows all of the mile2 Information Assurance Services.

A Power Point Presentations:

Mile2 logos and ATC images: ATC can use these images for their marketing collateral.

Package Containing Operational Materials:

Exam voucher instructions: The Training Partner provides this to the students to aid them in redeeming the exam voucher. Mile2 Class setup: This document is updated every 6 months and explains the minimum standard requirements for mile2 classes. It also details the tools, images, and equipment needed to run each class successfully. Code of Ethics: Students sign this before taking class. Accessing_Mile2_with_Filezilla_FTP: This is the FTP instructions to download the Virtual Images for the Pen Testing courses.

Mile2 Completion Certificate template: A Completion certificate accompanies the course kit. At the end of the course, the Training Partner uses this template to type in the candidate’s name and course completion date. Each student can then go home with a completion certificate, even if they do not site for the official mile2 certification exam.

Marketing Collateral Samples:


]Live online Video/Course content sample

]Case study sample

Authorized Training Center fees and financial points:

]Annual ATC membership fee.

]Partner receives a high revenue Split for student registrations in mile2’s GTR classes.

]Reduced Mentor training package (CBT, Kit and Exam).

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