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This 4-day course delivers a strong and in-depth view into fundamentals of software security and secure coding. Through a mixture of instructor-led lectures and hands on exercises, students will have learn how to identify security flaws early in the development process and how design and code to eliminate these flaws. All examples and lessons are presented in a variety of high level and scripting languages.

For 2012, the C)SCE is included only in the C)SWAE (Certified Secure Web Application Engineer) and is not sold separately at this time.

Course Overview:

Software security is big concern for organizations today. More and more attacks are being directed towards software applications and understanding these attacks and how to design software to protect against these attacks is becoming more of a necessity. This course seeks to provide a foundation for those professionals who are responsible for designing, architecting, coding and testing software solutions through a series of lectures and hands on labs.

Upon Completion:

Students will have a sound understanding of common vulnerabilities found in today's software and how to defend against them. Students will gain knowledge in creating secure designs and code and how to apply this knowledge to their daily tasks. This kind of qualification is especially expected in the financial industry where bank and home insurance databases can contain millions of customer and financial records.

Certified Secure Code Engineer Module Topics:

]Module 1: Software Security Explained

]Module 2: Setting the Stage (The Attack)

]Module 3: Risk Management (Developer to Developer)

]Module 4: Threat Modelling

]Module 5: The Secure Software Development Life Cycle

]Module 6: Secure Architecture Design

]Module 7: Secure Coding

]Module 8: Cryptography

]Module 9: Attacking Databases

]Module 10: Attacking Web Technologies

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